Dr. Vogenberg Gives Patient, Plan Sponsor Perspective to Study of Economic Impact Study Comparing Ovarian Cancer Testing Methods

American Health & Drug Benefits October 2017 issue features an original research study analyzing the economic impact of increased utilization of multivariate assay testing to guide the treatment of ovarian cancer. NICH founding partner Dr. Randy Vogenberg is highlighted as the Stakeholder Perspective in the publication, where he discusses the findings as they relate to plan sponsors and patients.

Research Study Overview

The study outlines how ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer among women. It ranks fifth, however, in cancer-related cause of death. The majority are detected in late stages after cancer has metastasized. While CA125 is the standard of care for assessing suspicious pelvic masses, its sensitivity is exceedingly low compared to multivariate assay OVA1. Cost-effective treatment of ovarian cancer requires early and accurate diagnosis.

The research study explores whether the budget impact model supports the use of OVA1 instead of CA125, as well as the potential clinical benefits.

View the abstract and study here, at adhbonline.com

In Dr. Vogenberg’s stakeholder perspective, he discusses how any cost savings and improved outcomes would affect coverage strategy for plan sponsors. He then looks at if patients as consumers would ultimately understand the impact based on their out-of-pocket costs, care management, and overall economic savings.


Read the full research report (Stakeholder Perspective located at bottom of page) here.


View Dr. Vogenberg’s Stakeholder Perspective as a PDF here.





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