Dr. Vogenberg Talks Value-Based Contracting at Forum for Pharma, Advocacy Leaders

Founding partner Dr. Randy Vogenberg shared critical strategies at a recent World Congress Life Science forum attended by top leadership from pharma and biotech companies.

The 2nd Annual Value-Based Contracting Summit in Alexandria, VA focused on overcoming the operational challenges in executing successful value based contracts and how to create the organizational shift necessary to do so. The agenda featured two days of speakers and panels focused on strategies such as  structuring value based contracts, developing risk sharing strategies, identifying performance metrics, and navigating a complex legal and regulatory environment.

Senior Leadership Panel Discussion on Aligning Incentives with Key Stakeholders to Achieve Success

Dr. Vogenberg was moderator and panelist for the keynote health care leadership panel ‘Embracing the Shift From Volume to Value Within the Value-Based Contracting and Arrangements Landscape.’ With pharmaceutical prices under public scrutiny, the panel discussed how manufacturers are challenged to expand access to quality medicines while improving patient outcomes at a lower cost. The panel discussed today’s value based healthcare system and how manufacturers are in a unique position to align payment with evolving healthcare system priorities of quality, accountability, enhanced patient outcomes, and cost saving solutions.

Communicating Value and the Role of Data and Metrics in Contracting

Dr. Vogenberg also presented an additional talk to close out the second day of the summit that addressed how to ‘Understand the Important Data and Metrics Assessed in Establishing a Value-Based Contract.’

Providing evidence to substantiate value proposition claims is critical in today’s contracting. Dr. Vogenberg addressed the challenges around dealing with a lack of consensus and definitions on data metrics, as well as differing expectations between manufacturers and customers about what’s most important. He offered key insights on emerging data metrics that payers are looking for, how payers and manufacturers are co-operating to share data, and more.

About the Value-Based Health Care Congress

Held on October 23-24, this year’s value-based contract summit was one of six events at the prestigious World Congress Value-Based Health Care Congress attended by leaders from manufacturers, payers, providers, pharmacies, and PBMs. It’s position as one of the most senior and influential forums facilitating manufacturer and payer agreements and value based arrangements in the industry.