NICH Commits Support to Year-Long Raffle Benefitting Local Charities

Ticket Sales Began Oct. 20 for Rotary Club of North Greenville’s ‘Super Raffle’

NICH is proud to join business and civic leaders throughout upstate South Carolina in their shared goal to give back to the area community through sponsorship of the 2018 Super Raffle. Proceeds raised from ticket sales, on sale now through December 31st, will help support the critical work of local charities and non-profits through Foundation grants.

52 Prizes. 52 Chances to Win. It’s No Ordinary Raffle.

The Super Raffle is a unique, year-long event spearheaded by the Rotary Club of North Greenville. The initiative is just one of many events by the service-oriented group that brings together community leaders for the common good. NICH is proud to have close ties working with the club. Founding Partner Dr. Randy Vogenberg, one of their newer members, was recently installed as the group’s president.

Club organizers have put together an amazing offering that should entice ticket purchases for the raffle. Sponsors have contributed an extensive selection of raffle prizes to be sought after, each with a minimum value of $300. Plus, win or lose, ticket holders qualify to stay in the game for the long haul, getting 52 chances to win throughout the entire year with just a single ticket.

Drawings will be held each Friday for 52 weeks of prizes, starting in January 2018.

Benefitting People in Need in the Local Community

All proceeds from the Super Raffle go towards the North Greenville Rotary Club Foundation, with annual earnings given to support local charities in the Greenville area. The Foundation’s efforts help bring much-needed support to critical work being done for and by the community. Past recipients include groups providing assistance such as: services for victims of domestic violence and their children, free medical clinics, programs for at-risk children and children with disabilities, emergency shelters for families facing homelessness, and many more.

Prize Offering and How to Enter

1,000 tickets will be sold for the raffle through December 31st and can be purchased directly through the Rotary Club’s raffle website for $50 each. Purchase of a ticket buys entry into the raffle, and multiple ticket purchases means multiple entries.

Drawings will be held every Friday beginning January 2018, spanning a total 52 weeks of prizes and 52 chances to win.

Watch: Rotary Club Members Discuss Super Raffle Charities, Prizes

Here are just a few of the great prizes that will be raffled off:

  • Yeti Cooler
  • 32″ flat screen TV
  • 3D printing pen
  • $300 cash
  • $300 gift certificate for travel
  • Apple Watch with health apps
  • 32 GB Apple iPad
  • $300 gift certificate to The Peace Center
  • 2 day/2 night cabin rental in Gatlinburg
  • Brand new cruiser style bicycle

And many, many more. View the prize list here.

Results of each weekly drawing will be published at, the Rotary Club’s Facebook page, and in The Greenville Journal.

About Rotary of North Greenville

Rotary Club of North Greenville is a collection of business and civic leaders from Greenville, South Carolina who endeavor to make their community and world a better place through service. They organize several annual events to benefit local charities and non-profits through Foundation Grants.

Local groups that have been served through these grants include: Safe Harbor, The Family Effect, Taylors Free Medical Clinic, Frazee Dream Center, and St. Francis Cancer Center, just to name a few.

Learn more about their organization here.

National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare (NICH) Social Responsibility

The NICH company mission is bettering the lives of communities by bringing together healthcare innovators and decision makers to find inspired solutions to the biggest clinical and economic challenges in healthcare today.

NICH strives to deliver game-changing clinical and economic outcomes to payers, providers and employers while putting priority focus on patient outcomes.

This mission extends to bettering the lives of the communities and organizations that NICH is involved with. Both as a company and as individuals, the leadership team gives time and financial support to important causes, such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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